o​)​o​(​o (Black Orchid Production 2003)

by gintas k

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originally released as CDR by Black Orchid Production in 2003 www.blackorchid.host.sk

Vital Weekly 361
GINTAS K - O)O(O (CDR by Black Orchid Productions)
From Gintas K a CDR was released in Slovakia - hey, why not? – and 'O)O(O' is his first solo release. Gintas is actively involved in the Lithuanian music scene since 1994 in various bands, under which is the industrial band Modus. Other then his piece on 'Garso Zona' I have not heard anything else by Gintas (or his group work), but this goes into different areas. The opening piece 'Not Quite But Right' is some twenty seven minutes, built around a pulse in the best Pan Sonic
tradition, but with an elegant sine-wave drone hum in the background. The track changes into more low end bass before the rhythm is turned up again. It sounds like a live recording. Maybe it would have been an idea to cut this track into various parts. The other tracks on this lenghty release are much shorter (except for the twenty two minute 'Long One' - a good title is always easy to find), and those proof to be more coherent by themselves. Here too, the strong Pan Sonic influence is apparent, with it's pulsating pieces and hum drones in the back. As said, I prefer the shorter pieces over the longer ones (plus it would make it altogether in a more coherent release), but it's a promising debut. (FdW)

Review: Misc. Song Reviews
By: Wednesday Elektra
Date: October 24th, 2002
Gintas K's music reminds me of going to see a live show and catching a tune-up and sound check session. Imagine if you will, the sounds of crackling speakers that last a good two minutes in length then imagine what it would sound like if you had a handful of instrumentalists tuning their instruments all at the same time. If you can imagine all of that, then you have a ball park of an idea of what some of Gintas K's tracks sound like (especially "Paksejimas"). If you like minimalist atmospheric sounds, with occasional samples and lots of repetitive noises then this is definitely the artist for you!! Personally, I'd like Gintas K's music much more if it had a more in-depth involved less hollow sound (though there's definitely nothing wrong with the tunes the way they are now!) and more harsh digi sounds that started to come out in the song "Tratatata." I can't wait to see what Gintas K will do on upcoming releases, it should be interesting nonetheless. www.mp3.com/gintask


released August 8, 2003

All tracks created by Gintas K

youtu.be/XuCdXRL-u5w >gintas k (sound) + marijus sagulinas (video). track "long one" from album o)o(o released by Black Orchid Production in 2003. played live at event Baltas Triuksmas club Virpesys Vilnius 2002

gintas k live at magazine Tango#9 presentation. Kaunas 2002-02-01 www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nZwBXk59S0



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gintas k Lithuania

gintas k is a sound artist exploring granules, hard digital, memories... gintas k’s works have been published by record labels like Cronica, Zeromoon, Con-v, m/OAR, Copy for Your Records, Baskaru, Ilse; presented at various festivals like Transmediale.05, Transmediale.07, ISEA2015. He is a winner of the II International Sound-Art Contest “Broadcasting Art 2010” held in Spain. ... more

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