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One Day Journey (2019)

by gintas k



Recorded live, without any overdub; using computer, midi keyboard & controller assigned to vst plugins.

1.recorded 2019.08.08 10:34
2.recorded 2019.08.08 11:41
3.recorded 2019.08.08 12:10

For O.N.

Played & recorded by Gintas K 2019-08-08

gintas k – One Day Journey
Posted: 4 September 2019 in Singles and EPs
Tags: Avant-garde, bleepy, electronica, EP Review, Experimental, Gintas K, One Day Journey 0
9th August 2019
Gintas K’s bandcamp boasts no fewer than twenty-nine releases. The Lithuanian experimentalist isn’t one to place quantity over quantity either: this almost overwhelming output, as represented by an average two releases a year, is the product of an enquiring mind, a fertile imagination and an unstinting work ethic.
The title gives a hint as to this EP’s creation: recorded live in a single day, without any overdub; using computer, midi keyboard & controller assigned to vst plugins, the three pieces on One Day Journey are exercises in excitable minimalism, skittering glitchtronics and exemplary works in the field of circuitry-based fuckabouts.
The three tracks, distinguished simply in numerical terms, are defined by swampy bleeps, bloops, glops, thumps, pips and pops fly haphazardly flitting and flickering in all directions, surging and swelling, whumping and slumping. Drip, drop, blip, blop, slip, slop, tinkle, tinkle In so many respects, they’re devoid of both structure and substance, and yet it’s this flippant flimsiness that renders them of merit.
Gintas’ flighty, almost fanciful style of experimental electronica is amusing in an avant-garde way, and almost seems intent on being vaguely irritating to anyone who isn’t already entirely on board with this strain of whacky wild synapse-snapping oddness.
The third and final track, ‘Three’ fizzes and foams a mess of electronic froth, foaming and fermenting effervescently over a thirteen-minute sprawl of apparent discoordination. It’s a crazed mass of non-linear noise, an impossible combobulation of sound. And if you are on board with this strain of whacky wild synapse-snapping oddness, One Day Journey has everything going for it.
gintas k – One day Journey
Posted on September 5, 2019 by kainobuko
Artist: gintas k
Title: One day Journey
Keywords: experimental concrete music electroacousticgintas k granular synthesisimprovised electroacoustic live electronicamusique concrete Lithuania
What can you do in one day? Probably a lot, but if your name had been gintas k you might use the daytime to make some kind of music, an EP perhaps and happily release the result on the internet to be heard by the likes of you and me. Why not? After all the real gintas k seems to have done just that and if you would hear it you probably would think that you had been gintas k and made this thing.
I mean it does sound like it was a lovely bit of fun when it was being created, as it does sound so organic and fluttery with enough sounds that have come to life to write some kind of inspiring book about. These sounds are like little insects or other little individuals chit chatting or simply rolling and jumping around in their own spectacular ways and orders. Why is that? Probably because gintas k had been playing god with them and I must say that these life forms have every reason to be alive and well.
The only thing over here is that I can’t come up with anything else to say or write about it. I mean what else can you say to bypass the epicness of ‘gintas k giving life’ … I don’t think there is nothing to top that today, so I’m not even going to try and just silently slip away and paste a link here.


released August 9, 2019


all rights reserved



gintas k Lithuania

Gintas K (Gintas Kraptavičius) a sound artist, composer exploring digital, live, computer music, granular synthesis sound aesthetics. Participant of Transmediale.05, Transmediale.07, ISEA2015, ISSTA2016, IRCAM forum workshop 2017, xCoAx 2018, ICMC2018, ICMC-NYCEMF 2019, NYCEMF 2020, Ars Electronica Festival 2020. Winner of Broadcasting Art 2010, Spain; 2019 USF International Call for Scores, USA ... more


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