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Into the Void (2018)

by Travis Johnson & Gintas K

motive 00:32
void2 16:57
void3 00:52
void4 06:13
void5 02:04
void6 02:28
void7 02:33
void8 02:41
void9 14:20
void10 00:42
the end 02:50
void12 03:28
void13 03:28
void14 01:41


Pieces created by Gintas K using Travis Johnson sound material.- rhythms loops.
Recorded 2016.


Travis Johnson and Gintas K – into the void
Posted on October 19, 2020 by kainobuko
Artists: Travis Johnson and Gintas K
Title: into the void
Keywords: experimental, electronic, glitch
Into the good might be a title implying something that we have heard before, as weirdly the word void seems to be unstopable in its popularity among experimental sound musicians. I don’t know why, I guess because it looks nice, sounds perhaps mysterious or leaves some room for the imagination as a good void might be hard to encounter these days. But because of me alreadyfalling over the title of this album, I like to proceed and tell you what this one seems to be filled up with. As just like many of the audio voids around, this one is not at all empty or refraining from shapes and forms.
To get a good idea of it’s content td best to look at the front cover as that might go and gives you a good enough hint of what this void is filled up with. The exciting electric sounds of what I imagine as a wonderful lovely bug that I so happy to be alive that it simply can’t stop moving it’s tiny legs and rms, flapping and wobbling them around like a fresh born little one who is just discovering it’s wealth of energy and it’s use to make it’s mini muscles move freely.
Now you might think, oh but that will be weird for us humans to listen, but let me tell you, none of it will be weird if you dive in with a open mind and open ears. You will find out that if you listen carefully you might spot all kind of various exciting sound variations that at times strangely seem to form technoid patterns and at other ones like a great energetic glitch that makes you feel as if you just drank a lot of caffeine and discovered something completely new and exciting. Which of course is not strange as if you listen to this album for the first time it is indeed very new and exciting to endure and face. You might feel like you need to study it with a magnifier or simply pick up one of the forgotten glow sticks from the cupboard and give into that rave feeling that you will certainly come across when giving this void a chance.
It’s not your average kind of dance music though, but I’m pretty sure you don’t need to be a critter or a bug to get that hidden secret wealth of glitchy grooves in here. With music like this it’s even possible to dance or move in any way that you want and feel, as the beauty of this content of void is that it won’t judge you and neither is there a real right or wrong way of reacting, moving or simply listening to it all. I mean, i’m no great dancer but you had to see me dancing around like a lady bug in the middle of having a stroke.
But not everything is hectic chaos or full on turbulent in buggy speeds, as within this void there is also plenty of room to chill out and relax. Sometimes you feel like you are listening to the sound of an biologist’s bsckpocket, out in the field stepping around to collect information of weird nature, at other times it’s like listening to hip hop, crickets relaxing at night or ants doing wicked jazz drum solos…
All those variations simply exist in this brainmelting endeavor of Travis Johnson and Gintas K, clearly showcasing that you can never underestimate the electric elements of the void. That in fact it’s more full than you can imagine, it just takes a little bit of your own imagination and inner feels to hook into it and fall into a scientist wet dream of fascinating micro glitchy electronics. Do with it as you please, but for sure give it a try… You might be flabbergasted by what you’d discover along the way. gintask.bandcamp.com/album/into-the-void-2018
Travis Johnson & Gintas K – Into the Void
Posted: 25 June 2018
by Christopher Nosnibor
Into the Void is Gintas K’s second album-length release of 2018, and we’re not even quite halfway through. For this outing, the enigmatic granular sonic artist from Lithuania has delivered an array of 14 fragmentary pieces, the majority titled by number, spanning snippets less than a minute in length to quarter-hour brain-sizzlers, with the majority of pieces clocking in around the two-minute mark.
The limited notes accompanying the release state ‘Pieces created by Gintas K using Travis Johnson sound material.- rhythms loops.’ It’s perhaps worth noting that this is Travis Johnson (2) as listed on Discogs – the ‘sound designer, electronic music producer, improviser, and farmer from Suwannee County, Florida, United States’, and not the bassist with metal band In This Moment or either of the other two.
We’re all staring into one void or another, so there’s a degree of universality in the experimental intent of this release.
Those rhythms and loops are warped, splayed, disjointed, whipping backwards and forwards across the heads in a jumble of crazed anagalogia reminiscent in places of some of William Burroughs’ tape experiments from the late 50s and early 60s, when he and Brion Gysin, with the assistance of Iain Sommerville, who was an electronics engineer and programmer.
For the most part, it’s about variation – or not so much – on a theme. Beats stutter and funnel into disarray and fuzzy edges dominate the sounds as those beats crackle and fizz. Most of the loops on here sound sped up and pitch-shifted, gloopy electronica and synthy beats shifted up to resemble clicks and bleeps and scratches of static. Everything crunches and collides at a frenetic pace to create an overwhelming blizzard of sound, a sonic soup that batters rather than massages the senses and the brain. A great many of the rhythms are arrhythmic, or otherwise disturbed or distorted in some way or another. At times akin to a palpating heart, and at others a flutter beneath a screeching squall of static, a fizz of treble and a mess of skittering noise, Into the Void leads the listener into difficult territory, and at times threatens to abandon them in a sandstorm of sound that will leave them completely adrift.
There are some moments of variance: ‘Void4’ is a slow, woozy slice of opiate dub, and ‘Void6’ is largely distorted thumping and rumbling, and ‘Void12’ brings the emptiness of it all into sharp relief, a quavering, oscillating humming drone. It’s minimal, but delivers maximum discomfort.
Personally, I dig it, but as a listening experience, its uncomfortable and far from easy.


released June 17, 2018


all rights reserved



gintas k Lithuania

Gintas K (Gintas Kraptavičius) a sound artist, composer exploring digital, live, computer music, granular synthesis sound aesthetics. Participant of Transmediale.05, Transmediale.07, ISEA2015, ISSTA2016, IRCAM forum workshop 2017, xCoAx 2018, ICMC2018, ICMC-NYCEMF 2019, NYCEMF 2020, Ars Electronica Festival 2020. Winner of Broadcasting Art 2010, Spain; 2019 USF International Call for Scores, USA ... more


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